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Ernest Holmes


Science of Mind Classes

We are all on a journey.... A journey of self-discovery.  We continue to awaken to our Divine nature to the degree that we explore our believes and our spirituality.   It has been said that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. 

Religious Science and the Science of Mind provide many opportunities for the discovery  of the Higher Self through classes, workshops and seminars.   The classes teach the Principles of Science of Mind  and how to use them in our daily lives.  The classes are informative, fun and experiential.  They encourage discussion, self-exploration and the opportunity to deepen our personal experience of our spiritual nature, which supports our potential to lead a fuller, more expressive life.

Regular classes include the foundational expression of the Core Concepts of the philosophies and the Principles of the Science of Mind, which lead into an understanding of the tools to be used to practice the principles, such as Spiritual Mind Treatment (a form of Affirmative Prayer), and Meditation. 

Students of the Science of Mind progress at their own pace as they learn more about themselves and their Divine nature.  Upon completion of the core classes, students will be able to do Spiritual Mind Treatment for themselves and others that can bring healing and a greater consciousness of the presence of God within each individual.

Beyond the certified classes, a student may elect to become a licensed Practitioner by continuing their class work for an additional 2 years.  Practitioners are prayer partners who are available to provide personal service in time of need, when someone is faced with a challenge.   Practitioners also serve as a support to the minister during the weekly service and throughout the week, as the need arises.

Foundational Class

UCSL Certified


Foundational Class

Instructor: Rev. Stanley Otterstrom


Would you like to enhance your spiritual connection to a higher Power? Are you ready to discover your emerging direction and purpose and how to make it happen? Join Rev. Stanley Otterstrom 10 weeks of self-discover and revelation within an experiential format of lecture, discussion, sharing and process. In the all new Foundations class, learn the nine spiritual principles and practices that will change your life for the better forever. Sign-up now for this adventure with other like-minded individuals in a safe, supportive environment. You can learn to make your dreams a Reality!


Length of Class: 10 Weeks, 3 hours each class, 30 hours,

  Plus 3.5 hour workshop.

Tuesday’s March 2, 2010 through May 11, 2010
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Class will be held at:
Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Rd.
Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 282-9300 for direction
Certification Hours: 30
Cost: $200.00, Can be paid @ $20.00 per week.
Cost: $190.00 If Paid in full on or before
The Textbooks Required for this class are:
The Science of Mind

Pre-Class Reading Assignment

The Science of Mind. “The Thing Itself,” pp. 25-34


If you have any question:

Please contact Rev. Stanley (928) 282-1446


Treatment & Meditation

Spiritual Practice
    for Daily Living

This class focuses on the student developing lifetime habits of meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Length of Class: 10 weeks
Instructor: Rev. Stanley
Prerequisite – SOM I

Textbooks Required:

  • Can We Talk to God? by Ernest Holmes
  • Journey of Awakening, by Ram Dass

Exploring Roots

This class provides the student with an understanding of the historical roots in America of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy.  Specific emphasis will be given to the works of Thomas Troward, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Textbooks Required:

  • The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes
  • Emerson’s Essays, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Edinburgh Lectures, by Thomas Troward
  • On Mental Science, Scientific Christian Mental Practice, by Emma Curtis Hopkins

Length of Class: 10 weeks
No Prerequisite – Suggested SOM I

Self Mastery

The Emergence
    of the True Self

The Self-Mastery class focuses on healing the perceived separation between personality and Spirit.  Through an active exploration of the creative nature of thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, the students have an opportunity to gain mastery in the art of living as a conscious, intentional being.

Length of Class: 8 Weeks
Instructor: Rev. Stanley Otterstrom
Certification hours:   45

Thursday February 28, 2008
Cost $195.00 Weekly payment plan available.

Prerequisite: SOM I & II

Practitioner Studies
Year 1

Living the Principles

The first year of the studies is devoted to advancing spiritual awareness and expanding the student’s understanding of his/her relation to the Universe. The year is divided into 3 terms of 10 weeks each:


  • The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

  • Living the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

  • Creative Mind and Success, by Ernest Holmes

  • This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes

  • Effective Prayer, by Ernest Holmes

  • Practicing the Presence, by Joel Goldsmith

  • Principles of Healing, by H.B. Jeffries

  • Care of the Soul, by Thomas Moore

  • Elegant Choices, Healing Choices, by Marsha Sinetar

Term 1: “How Life Gets to Be the Way It Is” based on the Law of Cause and Effect.

Term 2: “Living the Life of Choice” based on the creative process in the individual.

Term 3: “Living Life Fully” devoted entirely to expansion of consciousness.

Length of Class: 30 Weeks
Instructor: Rev. Stanley
Prerequisite: 120 Hours of certificated classes

Note: A personality profile must be completed by each student during the first year of study to assist the instructor and student in further development before entering the second year.

Practitioner Studies
Year 2

The Life of a Professional

The second year of the studies focuses on the consciousness, the skills, the responsibilities of the Practitioner, as well as the relationship of the Practitioner to the principles we teach, to the client, to the process in healing, to the church, to the community and to the world. This year is divided into 3 terms of 10 weeks each:


  • The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

  • How to Use the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes

  • Creative Mind and Success, by Ernest Holmes,

  • UCRS Practitioner Code

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Creating Health, by Deepak Chopra,

  • Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth

  • Real Moments, by Barbara DeAngelis

  • Who Dies, by Stephen Levine

Term 1:“Professional Skills and Responsibilities” deals almost entirely with the Practitioner/Client Session.

Term 2: “Spiritual Healing” is devoted to the process in healing, working specifically with challenges related to money, creative self-expression, emotional health, physical health, death/dying, grief/loss, and relationships.

Term 3: Dedication, Commitment and Service” empowers the intention of each student to develop his/her Practitioner practice within the church and in the world.

Length of Class: 30 Weeks
Instructor: Rev. Stanley
Prerequisite: Practitioner I studies

For more information:  (928) 282-1446

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